My life in graphs #Sarcoidosis

August 25, 2017 in Games, Rants, VRUnicorns

Spent a year on steroids and finally took the last dosage this Sunday before getting fresh blood tests taken on Monday. I had hoped both numbers had gone super much down by now, but taking into account that I was on 10-20 mg of steroids during the other tests and on 0 steroids now, I guess I should just suck it up and be happy that numbers aren’t too crazy. I just wish my immune system would be doing something useful instead of making up shit like this. Oh well, back to working on #SkiJump, so we can ship that game this year! About bloody damn time some would say.

Natural Luck in Reverse?

January 26, 2014 in Random, Rants

I believe in luck. And I’ve always felt that someone was watching over me and that I could rely on my natural luck to a certain extend. And I believe in faith too. That there’s a reason behind everything that happens to me. That it makes sense somehow. So when another driver hits my car from behind some 15 hours before I was suppose to board a plane towards Seattle for Steam Dev Days…there must have been a reason for it…right? Other than the fact that he couldn’t find his brakes fast enough? Spending weeks in bed with a whip lash have at least given me A LOT of time to think about A LOT of stuff.


September 18, 2013 in Love, Random, Rants

OUYA seems to be wanting to throw all their indie street cred overboard. It’s sad because it’s true. Here’s what the nice guys at Indiestatik have to say about it all. And OUYA itself has finally reacted to all the criticism and changed the terms of the FREE THE GAMES FUND. Guess there was no positive reactions on their first comeback.

Oh, and remember to support Indiestatik on Kickstarter!

Update: Ryan (creator of That Dragon, Cancer) defends OUYA. After all, the team did receive funding from OUYA to develop the game as an exclusive for the platform and wants it to succeed too.


OUYA vs. game devs

July 30, 2013 in Games, Rants

Is OUYA‘s developer business model flawed? OUYA lives of selling hardware. Developers live of selling games. OUYA asks devs to make games free on the store and add in-apps. Games have super low conversation rates on OUYA = Devs make very little money. OUYA sells hardware with free games = makes money + take a cut of devs ‘very little money’. Is OUYA taking advantage of devs? Although, some devs are paid (‘very little money’) to port their games to OUYA. Discussion takes place here.