Nordic Game Jam 2014 is a WRAP!

February 19, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

After 4 years as part of the NGJ organizing team I can announce that Nordic Game Jam gets bigger and better each year! I was in charge of the program and partially sponsors and the event went smoother than ever before. All 3 talk tracks were full and got great feedback from happy speakers and attendees.

We broke our record again and had over 500 attendees and Nexus 7s to all jammers straight from Google HQ. I had a hard time keeping this secret prior to the jam since my Google Hangout with Koh back in November and the crowd went crazy, when she announced it from stage after John Polson‘s keynote.

The UnityBus/Polish Invasion was a hit and 6 of the finalist teams were invaded and I had a great time with everyone upon arrival + invasion of my home since Thursday morning. Polish your Polish.

This year’s winning game, Richard Anderson’s Putting Challenge, was developed and played on a brand new Nexus 7 live on stage and was created by half of Team Stikbold (as the other half had been send to IndieCade east to run Stikbold! as part of the eSports exhibition).

The winners are all listed here and the NGJ14 games can be found on Unicorn7 (as usual).



November 4, 2013 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

Exile Game Jam was amazing! Once again. We were game jamming, sauna jamming, music jamming and partied to the early Sunday morning. The vibe was fantastic and no one wanted to leave Vallekilde (as always). Games are being uploaded to Unicorn7.


October 14, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

I’ll be in Poznan, Poland, from Thursday and onwards for Poznan Game Arena (exhibiting XTODIE) and to attend ZGT: On Saturday I will be on two panels and give a talk on game jams (YIPIIIHH!!). The full program can be found here.

Nordic Game Jam 2014

October 9, 2013 in Love, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

It’s announced! Nordic Game Jam 2014 will take place on February 14-16. 

Burning Bridges

August 12, 2013 in Bandello, Love, Unicorn7

Yet again, Olle, Tim and I decided to burn the bridges. And some other stuff. Oooops. We indeed showed Kelly how we partay in Copenhagen, before we will send her off to Rami to finish up Indie MEGABOOTH stuff. Can’t wait to reunite with both in Cologne next week for GDC Europe/Gamescom.

No More Sweden 2013

July 22, 2013 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

No More Sweden was a blast! Made Moshpit Hero together with Joon & Sos. My main part was writing lyrics, vocal & editing the music video for our one-hit-wonder ‘Dirty Britney‘ together with Karl. And we even made a Myspace page!

ShaylaMazing is LIVE!

May 15, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Unicorn7

ShaylaMazing is live & you can play it here. Made new graphics (clay/photographs) at the Spring Exile Game Jam. All the other game jam games from Exile can naturally be found on Unicorn7.

Amaze + Exile

April 22, 2013 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

Was able to spend two weeks at home in Copenhagen after PAX + GDC working on my new game (uuhhhh…3D) + horse back riding + meeting up with friends and tomorrow I’m heading off to the AMAZING Indie Connect in Berlin. I’ll give a talk on ‘Power to the Indies‘ and take part in the jury of ‘The Most Amazing Indie Game 2013‘.

Next week I’m joining to fantastic Exile Game Jam in Vallekilde and hope to finish up the work on Unicorn7 while there. Besides jamming music, games, clay and painting for 5 days straight.

ShaylaMazing + Events

March 18, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

Lately, I’ve been spending a bit of time working on my own game. Naturally, it’s a quirky, slow paced game and I’ve been showing it to friends at industry events and in Copenhagen. It’s still very much in prototype state and I’ll be at PAX and GDC to show it to more friends. On top of that, we Unicorn7 and Nordic Game Jam peeps are gonna throw an event during GDC, where we’ll play and show the latest games from the Nordic scene. So freaking excited!!!
I’m also very excited about this year’s Amaze Indie Connect. I’ll both give a talk and be a part of the jury for the A MAZE. Indie Games Award, and I simply can’t wait to go to Berlin in April for this AMAZING event.

Helsinki, I love you!

January 29, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Love, Unicorn7

Helsinki is my favorite place for rebooting. When in Helsinki one year ago staying at Ville‘s place, I decided to stop slaving away for Bandello‘s then investor, CAT Science, and it took us until beginning of June to get rid of them (they tried some dirty tricks, but the law was on our side).

Last time in Helsinki, Tim Garbos and I gave a talk about and why game jams are awesome at the Assembly Summer (fantastic event with amazing developers and new best friends). Olli was a fabulous host and we all had a pretty epic night at Petri‘s place before Assembly (no further details).

This weekend in Helsinki, I was fortunate to be the jury at Finnish Game Jam, Helsinki, playing Joust in the Rovio office while throwing Angry Birds at Ville, crashing Unity‘s Helsinki office, sneaking around Frozenbyte‘s office, partying at Remedy‘s new office, visting Grand Cru‘s office post-jam, playing Badland with Johannas and Juhana for half a day and hanging out with my buddies Mikael, Pertti (aka Burt), Jouni, Arvi, Petri, Ville, Ville, Damien and Ramine and all my new best friends.

And on the plane home, I drafted my new game….more to come! Helsinki, I love you!!


Exile Game Jam Autumn 2012

November 3, 2012 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

Exile Game Jam is a blast and we’re uploading photos from here on Unicorn7’s Facebook page. While being here, I’ve mostly been business and jamming + a little bit of horse jamming and hospital jamming…but that’s a whole other story. Hope to make it for some music and game jamming as well.

We’ll soft launch here at Exile tomorrow and fingers crossed that everything works! In the meantime, I’ll be playing a bit more of Moondrop‘s Kesper’s Keep as well as listening to Epona‘s Jonathan Blow interview.

And watch Cassy’s Ted Talk. I freaking love PONYCORNS!!

JamIT + Fuck This Jam

October 8, 2012 in Love, Random, Unicorn7

After Swedish (Awesome) Game Conference I hurried back to CPH to be at JamIT. And it was a freaking blast! B.M.O., the Beautiful Mess Organizer platform created by Brett Chalupa was used for the jam and I did the voice recording for Bert Baker’s Cunnilingus. The game presentations are here


As soon as one awesome jam is over –  another jam is announced. Fuck This Jam is set to roll out November 9 -17 and is all about tributes the games you hate the most – go fetch more info on Facebook.


September 30, 2012 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

The awesome fellows in Kajakklubben just released this fabulous game!

Crazy Swedes + JamIT

September 29, 2012 in Random, Unicorn7

This coming week I’ll head up to Skövde to moderate Swedish Game Conference and return to Copenhagen Friday to participate in JamIT 2012. It’s gonna be a blasted week and I’ll be  recording video for our game jam platform both places.

Sleepwalking Backwards

September 19, 2012 in Games, Unicorn7

I met Elliott Mitchell again at Unite this August. Our second encounter started out with him saying ‘I know you – you were the one bullying me at the Kill Screen vs. Scandinavia party @ GDC 2011‘. I started out with apologizing, ’cause I know I tend to cross the line and walk waaaaaaay past, when my beloved and tipsy alter ego comes out.

After the apology, we started to talk about something which matters a lot to both of us: game jams and game jam games. I told Elliott about and he followed up with an email shortly after Unite with links to the games he has been jamming on with friends. I was so very touch by ‘Sleepwalking Backwards‘ and I have to share it here.

Go play -it’s beautiful, though it might make you cry.