August 28, 2014 in Games, Love

This Summer has been amazing and crazy at the same time. Summer is usually the most busy period for me because of all the conferences + expos, and this year it was quite a struggle to get ready for everything due to the whiplash. I started working (client work) again, which resulted in a constant headache and insomnia and doctor told me to stop if I didn’t want that state to be chronic. What kept my mood going was all the amazing friends that were staying over at over place during the Summer months, a visit to the Dutch Game Garden + my friends hosting me in the UK where I went to give a few talks + visit the nice people at Sony.

Summer started with visits from the RageSquid (Action Henk) + SUPERHOT + Digital Dreams (Metrico) guys + other friends staying over when I was part of hosting Shayla Games together with Lars & Thorsten: Roel, Gabrian, Luke, Marek, Thijmen, Olle + Karl.

Then Richard spent two weeks babysitting me +  Doug and George came over. I went to Utrecht with Karl and was hanging out with the Dutch peeps mentioned above and Kitty, JW, Bram, Niki, Adriaan + more awesome peeps. I had a few days in CPH before heading to the UK where Kish, Martyn, Erla and Akouvi took care of me and then Shailesh came to CPH followed by Kelly, Alexander, Ekaterina and Joon, who moved in with us right before most of us went to Gamescom.

Devolver yet again proved to be my saviors and gave us a space in their booth at Gamescom. These guys are my heroes! We had a blast and my mom watched us on Danish telly and people love the new version of the game created by my excellent team of friends working on RAGNAROKvrKarlMariamDario, Mark, Johan, Michael + Katharina. You rock my world!

Unite is over and PAX Prime starts tomorrow and I get to spend some quality time with Alexander and Daniel who are all into their candy. Was great to spent a lot of time with the awesome VR folks at Valve in the demo room + shooting during the rest of my Saturday together with Todd & crew. Loved the rifle.

So much Summer. So much love. So much game. Loving this.

PS. I woke up to this Edge interview today: