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Super Lemonade Factory

October 15, 2012 in Games, Love

I’m in Love with this iOS game! You can also snatch a PC and/or Mac version here.

JamIT + Fuck This Jam

October 8, 2012 in Love, Random, Unicorn7

After Swedish (Awesome) Game Conference I hurried back to CPH to be at JamIT. And it was a freaking blast! B.M.O., the Beautiful Mess Organizer platform created by Brett Chalupa was used for the jam and I did the voice recording for Bert Baker’s Cunnilingus. The game presentations are here


As soon as one awesome jam is over –  another jam is announced. Fuck This Jam is set to roll out November 9 -17 and is all about tributes the games you hate the most – go fetch more info on Facebook.

Doug on J.S. Joust @GDC China

September 30, 2012 in Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam

Doug will be making his way to China this November to do a talk on ‘The Unlikely Story of Johann Sebastian Joust‘: In this talk, game designer Douglas Wilson reflects on his no-graphics motion-controlled game, Johann Sebastian Joust. He tells the story behind the game, from its origins as a simple game jam prototype to an award-winning title exhibited around the world. Based on these experiences, Doug shares some of the actionable lessons he’s learned along the way. He explains how folk games and playground games offer useful precedents for developers working on physical games, and explains why he finds it fruitful to think about motion-controlled games in terms of slapstick and subversion.


September 30, 2012 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

The awesome fellows in Kajakklubben just released this fabulous game!

Crazy Swedes + JamIT

September 29, 2012 in Random, Unicorn7

This coming week I’ll head up to Skövde to moderate Swedish Game Conference and return to Copenhagen Friday to participate in JamIT 2012. It’s gonna be a blasted week and I’ll be  recording video for our unicorn7.org game jam platform both places.

Why game jams are awesome!

September 28, 2012 in Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam

Not only is J.S. Joust an amazing game, it’s also created at Nordic Game Jam and this interview with Doug melted my heart, while I read it last night. Stories like this is why we in the Nordic Game Jam organizing team work our butts off to host the most awesome game jam in the world every year in Copenhagen.


September 24, 2012 in Games, Love

Yet another bi-yearly blog post from my heroes at Redgrim. They are also running the Swedish Chapter of the More Blood In Games Special Interest Group and became famous as ‘The Screamers” in the audio track for HAPPY FISTING + doing amazing gam jam games such as Simon Gustafssons Two and a fjers men [Haha]. They’ll soon launch their epic game Jones Change the World, which is their first game made on Unity.

Oh, and the other Crazy Swedes are extremely talented when it comes to web design. Check out the New wave of Swedish HTML!

Nordic Game Jam

September 21, 2012 in Games, Nordic Game Jam

We had the first major Nordic Game Jam 2013 meeting last night in my home (with beer, of course). What an incredible organizing team we have this year! Thanks to Joon for helping with the 5-minute clean-up. Btw, go play Super Jake Snake -it’s amazing!

NGJ13 is gonna be sooooo awesome!

Sleepwalking Backwards

September 19, 2012 in Games, Unicorn7

I met Elliott Mitchell again at Unite this August. Our second encounter started out with him saying ‘I know you – you were the one bullying me at the Kill Screen vs. Scandinavia party @ GDC 2011‘. I started out with apologizing, ’cause I know I tend to cross the line and walk waaaaaaay past, when my beloved and tipsy alter ego comes out.

After the apology, we started to talk about something which matters a lot to both of us: game jams and game jam games. I told Elliott about Unicorn7.org and he followed up with an email shortly after Unite with links to the games he has been jamming on with friends. I was so very touch by ‘Sleepwalking Backwards‘ and I have to share it here.

Go play -it’s beautiful, though it might make you cry.

On a Plane

September 17, 2012 in Random

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to the Country of Bacon. Rumor has it that there live more pigs in Jutland than human beings. Apparently a human is very close to a pig genetically. I really hope they’ll fed me bacon.

Unicorns 4EVA

September 14, 2012 in Random

I assume it’s no secret that I love unicorns. And quite a few of my friends do as well.

But then I have this one friend of mine (who I wrote my thesis at Copenhagen Business School with) and he send me  a link to this the other day:


I guess it’s revenge for me being high on Red Bull and candy during our late night thesis writing + my constant counter arguments against getting real food: ‘I don’t need real food – I’ve got Red Bull’. What poor Michael didn’t know the-one-late-eve-thesis-writing-event, where he suggested that we got a Red Bull each was that I used to be an addict. A severe one. I had my own dealer bringing cans over from Sweden, when they were still illegal in Denmark.

So yeah, Michael ended up with a thesis buddy, who was jumping on her chair for hours every evening until we handed in, while singing Goa Gartner (yup, on repeat).

And now he finally got his revenge.


Happy Fisting

September 13, 2012 in Games, Nordic Game Jam

I have made one game in my life. During the dark Winter days at Nordic Game Jam 2011, a friend and I started (we never really finished it) the development of a Doom-clone (I LOVE Doom and generally hate clones) called HAPPY FISTING.

I didn’t really develop any of the art nor program anything, but I did the ‘game design’ and audio (I’m really proud of the audio -especially the scream performance of the guys from Redgrim).

Unfortunately, the game DID NOT win the Worst Game Awards at Burning Bridges this year and I’m still angry with the jury members, Tim Garbos and Olle.

At this point, I have no programming nor art skills whatsoever and probably won’t develop anything besides pixel art, but after fighting (deleting) random PHP in order to make this blog work as intended, I’ve finally decided to jump into game development myself. Yup, suit turning dev….I guess it’s about time.