Unicorns 4EVA

September 14, 2012 in Random

I assume it’s no secret that I love unicorns. And quite a few of my friends do as well.

But then I have this one friend of mine (who I wrote my thesis at Copenhagen Business School with) and he send me  a link to this the other day:


I guess it’s revenge for me being high on Red Bull and candy during our late night thesis writing + my constant counter arguments against getting real food: ‘I don’t need real food – I’ve got Red Bull’. What poor Michael didn’t know the-one-late-eve-thesis-writing-event, where he suggested that we got a Red Bull each was that I used to be an addict. A severe one. I had my own dealer bringing cans over from Sweden, when they were still illegal in Denmark.

So yeah, Michael ended up with a thesis buddy, who was jumping on her chair for hours every evening until we handed in, while singing Goa Gartner (yup, on repeat).

And now he finally got his revenge.