UnityBus from Poznan to Copenhagen for Nordic Game Jam

February 5, 2014 in Love, Nordic Game Jam

I was invited to attend ZTG (Polish GDC) and also exhibited XTODIE at Poznan Game Arena (all taking place at the same venue in Poznan) last October and I had a blast! The legendary Sos had told me about this event and hooked me up with the awesome organizers of ZTG from Poznan University of Technology.

These guys are also avid game jammers and organizers of Poznan Game Jam during the Global Game Jam and we decided to figure out a way that we could bring the Polish and Nordic community closer together. So we came up with the idea of a bus full of Polish game developers (among others Sos and the SUPERHOT guys) heading to Nordic Game Jam in Copenhagen from Poznan. Awesome idea!

Only one thing was an issue – how to finance the whole thing? Since both Nordic Game Jam and Poznan Game Jam is run as by volunteers with no cash for such a trip this was a bit of a dilemma. So we turned to Unity, who has been supportive of the Nordic Game Jam since the early days and they too like this crazy idea of ours and decided to help out financially.

So on Thursday February 13 a bus full of 20 Polish game developers will arrive in Copenhagen. We start out with lunch + tour at the Unity office and then sightseeing by foot through Copenhagen before ending up at the Nordic Game Jam Pre-Partay to dance at KOZILEK and Snorkelitzor‘s shows. The Friday Talk Programme will feature talks by Sos, the SUPERHOT guys, Unity, Team STIKBOLDGoogle, Grapefrukt, Paradox, Nifflas, Game Oven and Everyplay just to mention a few and then we kick off the game jam after the keynote in the evening. There are very few tickets left for Nordic Game Jam, so you have to be snappy.

3 lucky winners from Poznan Game Jam will be on the bus. That’s pretty much what this photo says 😉