Sleepwalking Backwards

September 19, 2012 in Games, Unicorn7

I met Elliott Mitchell again at Unite this August. Our second encounter started out with him saying ‘I know you – you were the one bullying me at the Kill Screen vs. Scandinavia party @ GDC 2011‘. I started out with apologizing, ’cause I know I tend to cross the line and walk waaaaaaay past, when my beloved and tipsy alter ego comes out.

After the apology, we started to talk about something which matters a lot to both of us: game jams and game jam games. I told Elliott about and he followed up with an email shortly after Unite¬†with links to the games he has been jamming on with friends. I was so very touch by ‘Sleepwalking Backwards‘ and I have to share it here.

Go play -it’s beautiful, though it might make you cry.