My life in graphs #Sarcoidosis

August 25, 2017 in Games, Rants, VRUnicorns

Spent a year on steroids and finally took the last dosage this Sunday before getting fresh blood tests taken on Monday.¬†I had hoped both numbers had gone super much down by now, but taking into account that I was on 10-20 mg of steroids during the other tests and on 0 steroids now, I guess I should just suck it up and be happy that numbers aren’t too crazy. I just wish my immune system would be doing something useful instead of making up shit like this. Oh well, back to working on #SkiJump, so we can ship that game this year! About bloody damn time some would say.


February 23, 2017 in Games, Love, VRUnicorns

BAM!!! Have been on steroids since November and finally got back to work part time in January…steroids dosage was increased in February and I’ve now made it to GDC to demo our two new games in Valve’s booth together with 3 of the other unicorns. High as a kite and need to stick to a pretty insane exercise schedule to keep the sarcoidosis symptoms down, but at least I can work again! And mood is high ūüėČ


October 15, 2016 in Bandello, Games, Love, VRUnicorns

I’ve been sick as a dog for a while. I survived Gamescom by being on a high dosage of steroids (provided by one of the many hospitals I’m frequenting since months) and have been off steroids for a month while the hospitals are doing more tests on me. I got the actual diagnosis this week and they can now confirm that it’s sarcoidosis after running some pretty heavy cancer tests to exclude lung cancer. I have various symptoms and am currently off steroids, so I feel like the ghost of my usual #ChickenBitch persona. I clearly can’t run the VRUnicorns teams at the same time as battling this, so luckily I have this super skilled brother (I actually have two and this is my youngest older brother…9 years my senior) and he heads up Apex Game Tools who we are sharing our Copenhagen office with. So him and his team have stepped in and are now working together with the rest of the VRUnicorns.

Quick facts on me & my brother, Jake:

I started stealing from him when I was 3 years old, I fried his C64 and I always put the blame on him when I got in trouble as a kid. And I’ve pretty much been this destructive since I joined the family. This 8 mm short film clearly shows my behavorial pattern – note that I first hit my oldest brother with a stick and later make Jake trip over my racket.

Luckily my brother is a very forgiven fella, is super smart and has good human skills (unlike myself), so I know the VRUnicorns are in great hands while I focus on getting well…bloody damn hope to get back on steroids soon, cause #FuckThisShit (reference to my lovely friend Sara).

Unite Europe 2016 Panel

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June 22, 2016 in Bandello, Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam, VRUnicorns

Quick¬†‚Ä™#‚ÄéRealityCheck‚Ĩ¬†for the peeps who think indie development is a piece of cake. My 2 cents: team up with the right people – skills+execution (avoid ‘idea guys’), give a lot of freedom, make decisions based on part guts/part rationality, pivot if you’re stuck, cut drama early (constructive criticism is good – destructive primadonnas are poison to a team) and jam like crazy. MOST IMPORTANT: Scope. Hence the jamming…if you know how to jam then you know how to scope.¬†‚Ä™#‚ÄéEverydayIsJammingDay‚Ĩ

This post was inspired by this Rolling Stones article and previous experience with drama queens as team mates. Team VRUnicorns is a blast as we are all jammers doing this for the gamezzzz!

#SelfieTennis @GDC

March 9, 2016 in Bandello, Games, Love, VRUnicorns

Two years ago at GDC, I demoed my first VR game to Valve. One year ago at GDC, I tried the HTC Vive for the first time in Valve’s booth. This year, Horatiu, Milan and I are demoing¬†#SelfieTennis in Valve’s booth at GDC. THIS IS BLOODY AMAZING!!!!! I’M FLYING WITH UNICORNS AND RIDING ON RAINBOWS. BEST GDC EVER COMING UP!!!¬†#SelfieTennis is our first game as @VRUnicorns and is made in collaboration with¬†Andy Sch√∂nau and¬†Simon Post.

VRUnicorns – #SelfieTennis

February 9, 2016 in Bandello, Games, Love, VRUnicorns

VRUnicorns – #SelfieTennis from VRUnicorns on Vimeo.

Talk + Panel @DutchVRDays

November 5, 2015 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam, RAGNAROKvr, Shayla Games, VRLympix

Got to hang out with Sara, Daniel, Chet & Skip in a panel at Dutch VR Days. And did a little talk before (click photo to watch the whole thing on the YouTubes).


April 20, 2015 in Bandello, Games, Love, RAGNAROKvr, Shayla Games

Spring time is happening! Leaving for A MAZE this week together with my wonderful team mates to showcase RAGNAROKvr and run a VR workshop, jumping to Slush PLAY next week to geek out on VR tech (and ride horses) and then straight back to CPH to make everything ready for SHAYLA GAMES! Oh, this Spring will be the bestest. Also…I get so many hugs from the Gang Beasts who I’m rooming with these days!


August 28, 2014 in Games, Love

This Summer has been amazing and crazy at the same time. Summer is usually the most busy period for me because of all the conferences + expos, and this year it was quite a struggle to get ready for everything due to the whiplash. I started working (client work) again, which resulted in a constant headache and insomnia and doctor told me to stop if I didn’t want that state to be chronic. What kept my mood going was all the amazing friends that were staying over at over place during the Summer months, a visit to the Dutch Game Garden + my friends hosting me in the UK where I went to give a few talks + visit the nice people at Sony.

Summer started with visits from the RageSquid (Action Henk) + SUPERHOT + Digital Dreams (Metrico) guys + other friends staying over when I was part of hosting Shayla Games together with Lars & Thorsten: Roel, Gabrian, Luke, Marek, Thijmen, Olle + Karl.

Then Richard spent two weeks babysitting me +  Doug and George came over. I went to Utrecht with Karl and was hanging out with the Dutch peeps mentioned above and Kitty, JW, Bram, Niki, Adriaan + more awesome peeps. I had a few days in CPH before heading to the UK where Kish, Martyn, Erla and Akouvi took care of me and then Shailesh came to CPH followed by Kelly, Alexander, Ekaterina and Joon, who moved in with us right before most of us went to Gamescom.

Devolver yet again proved to be my saviors and gave us a space in their booth at Gamescom. These guys are my heroes! We had a blast and my mom watched us on Danish telly and people love the new version of the game created by my excellent team of friends working on RAGNAROKvr: Karl, Mariam, Dario, Mark, Johan, Michael + Katharina. You rock my world!

Unite is over and PAX Prime starts tomorrow and I get to spend some quality time with Alexander and Daniel who are all into their candy. Was great to spent a lot of time with the awesome VR folks at Valve in the demo room + shooting during the rest of my Saturday together with Todd & crew. Loved the rifle.

So much Summer. So much love. So much game. Loving this.

PS. I woke up to this Edge interview today:




Develop & RAGNAROKvr

July 1, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love

My travel ban has been somewhat lifted (can’t stay out of business anymore, so I started to work a bit again. YEAH!), so I’ll leave for the UK this Thursday to attend and talk about RAGNAROKvr at Develop Conference next Wednesday and a few other events + friendly hang-outs.

Traveling is my living and this stupid whip lash period has been more tough on me than I would like to admit. My mood has been kept up by having a lot of friends around in la casa JoeJulie and I had the pleasure of watching a Joust match in our kitchen today.

Games, Talks & Rubber Dinghy Race

June 1, 2014 in Games, Love, Shayla Games

I had a feeling that Shayla Games would be a hit….and it was! I made this awesome event together with Lars, Thorsten and everyone else who showed up to create an even greater event that I could ever have dreamt of. Thanks to everyone who attended & helped + saved my mood from going really dark from a work + travel ban that my doctor put me on for months due to the whip lash that I got back in January because a dude couldn’t find his brakes. Photos can be found on the Facebook page. Shayla Games will be BACK!

Shayla Games

April 26, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love, Shayla Games

When Julie can’t come to the mountain…well, yeah…then Julie will organize¬†Shayla Games¬†and invite all her friends to join this event in Copenhagen on Saturday, May 24.¬†Thanks to¬†eelfroth¬†for the late night event logo.

A MAZE was AMAZING (as always)

April 17, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love

Karl & I had RAGNAROKvr¬†on display, I had a VR panel with Luke/SUPERHOT, Sos, Erkki, Kish and Patrick and went on stage for a surprise live performance of Dirty Britney together with Sos & Joon. GDC + A MAZE nearly killed me due to my neck injury, so doctor ordered no more traveling and rest for a loooooong time. So now I’m in CPH and brewing on something…if Julie can’t come to the mountain….well, yeah.


April 2, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love

GDC went well, but I spent half of mine time in bed and resting outside the venue due to the neck injury. The great guys at Devolver Digital told me to show off RAGNAROKvr¬†at their venue and take my meetings there, so I didn’t have to carry the equipment around too much. These guys are my heroes!!! I had really good chats with Steam, Polygon, Oculus and Sony, who announced Project Morpheus at GDC. I LOVE SONY!!!! Made it to the IGF, where my friends at SIMOGO won best audio and made it to Notch’s partay and got to hang with a lot of friends. I’m glad I made it over there and it was lovely to see friends, but damn it was tough for my neck.

Nordic Game Jam 2014 is a WRAP!

February 19, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

After 4 years as part of the NGJ organizing team I can announce that Nordic Game Jam gets bigger and better each year! I was in charge of the program and partially sponsors and the event went smoother than ever before. All 3 talk tracks were full and got great feedback from happy speakers and attendees.

We broke our record again and had over 500 attendees and Nexus 7s to all jammers straight from Google HQ.¬†I had a hard time keeping this secret prior to the jam since my Google Hangout with Koh back in November and the crowd went crazy, when she announced it from stage after John Polson‘s keynote.

The UnityBus/Polish Invasion was a hit and 6 of the finalist teams were invaded and I had a great time with everyone upon arrival + invasion of my home since Thursday morning. Polish your Polish.

This year’s winning game, Richard Anderson’s Putting Challenge, was developed and played on a brand new Nexus 7 live on stage and was created by half of Team Stikbold (as the other half had been send to IndieCade east to run Stikbold! as part of the eSports exhibition).

The winners are all listed here and the NGJ14 games can be found on Unicorn7 (as usual).



January 27, 2014 in Booth Babes with Brainz, Games, Love

I woke up to some great news this noon (I doped myself with Kodein again for the pain last night). My dear friend Shailesh has been granted a US visa and will join Gordon and I at GDC in late March. I’ve been waiting impatiently since November for this to happen and it really made my day.

Gordon’s company SIMOGO has been nominated for 4 IGFs for DEVICE 6¬†(that is bloody damn huge) and my doctor is a big SIMOGO fan and has told me that I’ll most likely be ready for traveling to GDC (he knows how awesome this is). He did add that I might have to spend a few days in bed after the IGF Awards, if I partay like I think we’ll do when SIMOGO wins (fingers crossed), but what the heck – at least we’ll look great:

Steam Dev Days

January 3, 2014 in Bandello, Games

Woop woop! Seattle, here I come!


December 13, 2013 in Bandello, Games

I’ve been interviewed by Indian¬†Exhibit Magazine¬†on me, myself &¬†XTODIE.

December 6, 2013 in Games, Love

Had a great Friday afternoon in San Francisco meeting up with the awesome Leaf /Moonscript aka the guy behind, which is my favorite web site these days.

I Love GameStick

November 6, 2013 in Games, Love

They remembered my bday ūüėČ and they’ve only produced 50 in p!nk! Very happy Julie.


November 4, 2013 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

Exile Game Jam was amazing! Once again. We were game jamming, sauna jamming, music jamming and partied to the early Sunday morning. The vibe was fantastic and no one wanted to leave Vallekilde (as always). Games are being uploaded to Unicorn7.

PGA + ZTG + Exile Game Jam + GCON + NASSCOM

October 24, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Love

I was invited to Poznan, Poland, for the Polish GDC, ZTG, and Sos told me about the indie show case at Poznan Game Arena. For a mere 500 zŇā¬†I exhibited my game, XTODIE, for 3 days straight while doing two panels, being on Polish telly, interviewed by 1ndieworld¬†+ a student radio and¬†‘organizing’ a one hour game jam¬†– all on Saturday. And yes, it made more sense to pull off an actual game jam than doing a talk about jamming ūüėČ I made a lot of awesome Polish and international friends in Poznan and I’ll most definitely be back next year!

I came home Monday eve and was giving a talk via Skype at GCON Рa conference for female game developers in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday night.

Off to Exile next week and then NASSCOM GDC in Pune, India, where I’ll do a PR Jam for #IndiaGameDevs (be ready for some action related to that hashtag soon) + I’m part of the jury for India’s ‘Indie Game of the Year’. I will be traveling together with one half of the awesome Simogo, Gordon.



October 14, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

I’ll be in Poznan, Poland, from Thursday and onwards for Poznan Game Arena¬†(exhibiting XTODIE) and to attend¬†ZGT:¬†On¬†Saturday I will be on two panels and give a talk on game jams (YIPIIIHH!!). The full program can be found here.

XTODIE & Oculus Rift – SHOW TIME!

October 1, 2013 in Games, Love

FIGHT FENRIS! The Oculus Rift build of XTODIE is playable at PoznaŇĄ Game Arena October 18-20 and NASSCOM Game Developer Conference November 15-16.


September 1, 2013 in Bandello, Booth Babes with Brainz, Games, Love

Yesterday’s expo of XTODIE in the Indie MEGABOOTH was amazing! Players loved my game and photos can be found here.


August 15, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Love

Yup, it’s finally official. I’ll be exhibiting XTODIE at PAX Prime as part of the Indie MEGABOOTH on Saturday, August 31. You can meet me and check it out at GDC Europe, Gamescom & Unite before that. It’s gonna be some crazy weeks of conferencing!

OUYA vs. game devs

July 30, 2013 in Games, Rants

Is OUYA‘s developer business model flawed? OUYA lives of selling hardware. Developers live of selling games. OUYA asks devs to make games free on the store and add in-apps. Games have super low conversation rates on OUYA = Devs make very little money. OUYA sells hardware with free games = makes money + take a cut of devs ‘very little money’. Is OUYA taking advantage of devs? Although, some devs are paid (‘very little money’) to port their games to OUYA. Discussion takes place here.


July 25, 2013 in Bandello, Games

Crunching on the demo for my new game, so it’ll be ready for¬†Gamescom,¬†Unite¬†and¬†PAX Prime.

No More Sweden 2013

July 22, 2013 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

No More Sweden was a blast! Made Moshpit Hero together with Joon & Sos. My main part was writing lyrics, vocal & editing the music video for our one-hit-wonder ‘Dirty Britney‘ together with Karl. And we even made a Myspace page!

ShaylaMazing is LIVE!

May 15, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Unicorn7

ShaylaMazing is live & you can play it here. Made new graphics (clay/photographs) at the Spring Exile Game Jam. All the other game jam games from Exile can naturally be found on Unicorn7.

Amaze + Exile

April 22, 2013 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

Was able to spend two weeks at home in Copenhagen after PAX + GDC working on my new game (uuhhhh…3D) + horse back riding + meeting up with friends and tomorrow I’m heading off to the AMAZING Indie Connect¬†in Berlin. I’ll give a talk on ‘Power to the Indies‘ and take part in the jury of ‘The Most Amazing Indie Game 2013‘.

Next week I’m joining to fantastic Exile Game Jam in Vallekilde and hope to finish up the work on Unicorn7 while there. Besides jamming music, games, clay and painting for 5 days straight.

Post PAX + GDC

April 4, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam

PAX was fantastic! I had the most amazing time hanging out with everyone in the Indie Megabooth. Polygon sums it up¬†pretty well. Went straight from PAX to GDC and started out with a Sunday night screening of¬†48 Hour Games and relived one of my first Nordic Game Jams. I had the chance to show ShaylaMazing to a lot of friends in both Boston & San Fran, and their comments and positive feedback left me with great¬†courage and¬†optimism for the future version(s) of the game. Heading back to Copenhagen in a few days and can’t wait to get my mom‘s art work into the game and add new features/levels.

ShaylaMazing + Events

March 18, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam, Unicorn7

Lately, I’ve been spending a bit of time working on my own game. Naturally, it’s a quirky, slow paced game and I’ve been showing it to friends at industry events and in Copenhagen. It’s still very much in prototype state and I’ll be at PAX and GDC to show it to more friends. On top of that, we Unicorn7 and Nordic Game Jam peeps are gonna throw an event during GDC, where we’ll play and show the latest games from the Nordic scene. So freaking excited!!!
I’m also very excited about this year’s Amaze Indie Connect. I’ll both give a talk and be a part of the jury for the A MAZE. Indie Games Award, and I simply can’t wait to go to Berlin in April for this AMAZING event.

Casual Connect + IndieCade

February 10, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam

Jumping on a plane tomorrow with Steffen/BetaDwarf and will meet up with all the NGJ13 Winners and a lot of other friends at Casual Connect Europe for the Indie Showcase. It’s gonna be extreme fun! Friday I leave for IndieCade East¬†in Astoria/NYC and the following Monday, I’ll hang out with my buddy Jason in his brand new incubator, Execution Labs¬†in Montreal, before giving a talk on game jams same place (after the nice pretend-French¬†Mecanim/Unity guys‘ talk). Crazy week ahead! And I’ll bring the game I’m working on and show it to friends on the way (initial prototype was tested on my mom & dad).

Helsinki, I love you!

January 29, 2013 in Bandello, Games, Love, Unicorn7

Helsinki is my favorite place for rebooting. When in Helsinki one year ago staying at Ville‘s place, I decided to stop slaving away for Bandello‘s then investor, CAT Science, and it took us until beginning of June to get rid of them (they tried some dirty tricks, but the law was on our side).

Last time in Helsinki, Tim Garbos and I gave a talk about and why game jams are awesome at the Assembly Summer (fantastic event with amazing developers and new best friends). Olli was a¬†fabulous¬†host and we all had a pretty epic night at Petri‘s place before Assembly (no further details).

This weekend in Helsinki, I was fortunate to be the jury at Finnish Game Jam, Helsinki, playing Joust in the Rovio office while throwing Angry Birds at Ville, crashing Unity‘s Helsinki office, sneaking around Frozenbyte‘s office, partying at Remedy‘s new office, visting Grand Cru‘s office post-jam, playing Badland with Johannas and Juhana for half a day and hanging out with my buddies Mikael, Pertti (aka Burt), Jouni, Arvi, Petri, Ville, Ville, Damien and Ramine and all my new best friends.

And on the plane home, I drafted my new game….more to come! Helsinki, I love you!!


Julie’s Ranch, Nordic Game Jam + Bandello News

November 22, 2012 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam

Threw a bday party together with my better half last weekend and¬†Joon and his lovely girlfriend, Marin, had together with Simon created this epic game called Julie’s Ranch¬†for Fuck This Jam as my bday present (I love horses and Shayla is in there somewhere). It’s a bit crowded now (so popular)!

We’ve launched the ticket sales for Nordic Game Jam this week and we’ve already sold a 100, and yesterday Dana, Mihai & I send out a Bandello LaunchPad¬†news letter about NGJ13 and some of the awesome games created in Copenhagen.

I’ll be at Game Connection next week! Catch me, if you can ūüėČ

Upcoming games that I love!

November 11, 2012 in Games, Love

Bo Blond‘s¬†99 Levels to Hell¬†is freaking amazing. It has everything I ever wanted in a game:¬†blood, guns, shooting & hell mode + it’s a platformer. I highly recommend anyone to give it a¬†spin.

Norwegian Rain Games are frequently sending me updated builds of one of my favorite games Teslagrad. Can’t wait to play the full game one day! And of course, it’s a¬†2D puzzle-platformer (my favorite genre).

Exile Game Jam Autumn 2012

November 3, 2012 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

Exile Game Jam is a blast and we’re uploading photos from here on Unicorn7’s Facebook page. While being here, I’ve mostly been business and jamming + a little bit of horse jamming and hospital jamming…but that’s a whole other story. Hope to make it for some music and game jamming as well.

We’ll soft launch here at Exile tomorrow and fingers crossed that everything works! In the meantime, I’ll be playing a bit more of Moondrop‘s Kesper’s Keep¬†as well as listening to Epona‘s Jonathan Blow interview.

And watch Cassy’s Ted Talk. I freaking love PONYCORNS!!

SpilBar with Doug & Nifflas + Operation Smash

October 23, 2012 in Games, Love

Next SpilBar is this coming Friday and two of my favorite devs, Doug & Nifflas, will talk about local multiplayers and Knytt Underground, respectively. Both guys are crunching like hell these days and the next couple of months will be super exciting ūüėČ

Talking about exciting: I can’t wait for Steve‘s Operation Smash to come out – it looks amazing!¬†





Super Lemonade Factory

October 15, 2012 in Games, Love

I’m in Love with this iOS¬†game! You can also snatch a PC and/or Mac version here.

Doug on J.S. Joust @GDC China

September 30, 2012 in Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam

Doug will be making his way to China this November to do a talk on ‘The Unlikely Story of Johann Sebastian Joust‘:¬†In this talk, game designer Douglas Wilson reflects on his no-graphics motion-controlled game, Johann Sebastian Joust. He tells the story behind the game, from its origins as a simple game jam prototype to an award-winning title exhibited around the world. Based on these experiences, Doug shares some of the actionable lessons he’s learned along the way. He explains how folk games and playground games offer useful precedents for developers working on physical games, and explains why he finds it fruitful to think about motion-controlled games in terms of slapstick and subversion.


September 30, 2012 in Games, Love, Unicorn7

The awesome fellows in Kajakklubben just released this fabulous game!

Why game jams are awesome!

September 28, 2012 in Games, Love, Nordic Game Jam

Not only is J.S. Joust an amazing game, it’s also created at Nordic Game Jam¬†and this interview with Doug melted my heart, while I read it last night. Stories like this is why we in the Nordic Game Jam organizing team work our butts off to host the most awesome game jam in the world every year in Copenhagen.


September 24, 2012 in Games, Love

Yet another bi-yearly blog post from my heroes at Redgrim. They are¬†also running the Swedish Chapter of the More Blood In Games Special Interest Group¬†and became famous as ‘The Screamers” in the audio track for HAPPY FISTING¬†+ doing amazing gam jam games such as¬†Simon Gustafssons Two and a fjers men [Haha]. They’ll soon launch their epic game Jones Change the World, which is their first game made on Unity.

Oh, and the other Crazy Swedes are extremely talented when it comes to web design. Check out the New wave of Swedish HTML!

Nordic Game Jam

September 21, 2012 in Games, Nordic Game Jam

We had the first major Nordic Game Jam 2013 meeting last night in my home (with beer, of course). What an incredible organizing team we have this year! Thanks to Joon for helping with the 5-minute clean-up. Btw, go play Super Jake Snake¬†-it’s amazing!

NGJ13 is gonna be sooooo awesome!

Sleepwalking Backwards

September 19, 2012 in Games, Unicorn7

I met Elliott Mitchell again at Unite this August. Our second encounter started out with him saying ‘I know you – you were the one bullying me at the Kill Screen vs. Scandinavia party @ GDC 2011‘. I started out with apologizing, ’cause I know I tend to cross the line and walk waaaaaaay past, when my beloved and tipsy alter ego comes out.

After the apology, we started to talk about something which matters a lot to both of us: game jams and game jam games. I told Elliott about and he followed up with an email shortly after Unite¬†with links to the games he has been jamming on with friends. I was so very touch by ‘Sleepwalking Backwards‘ and I have to share it here.

Go play -it’s beautiful, though it might make you cry.

Happy Fisting

September 13, 2012 in Games, Nordic Game Jam

I have made one game in my life. During the dark Winter days at Nordic Game Jam 2011, a friend and I started (we never really finished it) the development of a Doom-clone (I LOVE Doom and generally hate clones) called HAPPY FISTING.

I didn‚Äôt really develop any of the art nor program anything, but I did the ‚Äėgame design‚Äô and audio (I‚Äôm really proud of the audio -especially the scream performance of the guys from Redgrim).

Unfortunately, the game DID NOT win the Worst Game Awards at Burning Bridges¬†this year and¬†I’m still angry with the jury¬†members, Tim Garbos and Olle.

At this point, I have no programming nor art skills whatsoever and probably won‚Äôt develop anything besides pixel art, but after¬†fighting¬†(deleting) random PHP in order to make this blog work as intended,¬†I‚Äôve finally decided to jump into game development myself. Yup, suit turning dev….I guess it’s about time.