January 27, 2014 in Booth Babes with Brainz, Games, Love

I woke up to some great news this noon (I doped myself with Kodein again for the pain last night). My dear friend Shailesh has been granted a US visa and will join Gordon and I at GDC in late March. I’ve been waiting impatiently since November for this to happen and it really made my day.

Gordon’s company SIMOGO has been nominated for 4 IGFs for DEVICE 6 (that is bloody damn huge) and my doctor is a big SIMOGO fan and has told me that I’ll most likely be ready for traveling to GDC (he knows how awesome this is). He did add that I might have to spend a few days in bed after the IGF Awards, if I partay like I think we’ll do when SIMOGO wins (fingers crossed), but what the heck – at least we’ll look great: