Unite Europe 2016 Panel

August 29, 2016 in Bandello, Games, Love, Shayla Games, VRUnicorns

Talk + Panel @DutchVRDays

November 5, 2015 in Bandello, Games, Nordic Game Jam, RAGNAROKvr, Shayla Games, VRLympix

Got to hang out with Sara, Daniel, Chet & Skip in a panel at Dutch VR Days. And did a little talk before (click photo to watch the whole thing on the YouTubes).


April 20, 2015 in Love, Shayla Games


April 20, 2015 in Bandello, Games, Love, RAGNAROKvr, Shayla Games

Spring time is happening! Leaving for A MAZE this week together with my wonderful team mates to showcase RAGNAROKvr and run a VR workshop, jumping to Slush PLAY next week to geek out on VR tech (and ride horses) and then straight back to CPH to make everything ready for SHAYLA GAMES! Oh, this Spring will be the bestest. Also…I get so many hugs from the Gang Beasts who I’m rooming with these days!

Games, Talks & Rubber Dinghy Race

June 1, 2014 in Games, Love, Shayla Games

I had a feeling that Shayla Games would be a hit….and it was! I made this awesome event together with Lars, Thorsten and everyone else who showed up to create an even greater event that I could ever have dreamt of. Thanks to everyone who attended & helped + saved my mood from going really dark from a work + travel ban that my doctor put me on for months due to the whip lash that I got back in January because a dude couldn’t find his brakes. Photos can be found on the Facebook page. Shayla Games will be BACK!

Shayla Games

April 26, 2014 in Bandello, Games, Love, Shayla Games

When Julie can’t come to the mountain…well, yeah…then Julie will organize Shayla Games and invite all her friends to join this event in Copenhagen on Saturday, May 24. Thanks to eelfroth for the late night event logo.