Julie is a game jammer with a crush on semi-realistic VR sports games with a twist of dark humor and brutality. Raised in VikingLand and fueled by beer, mushrooms and rainbows. Flying with unicorns and riding on wolves. One of the organizers of SHAYLA GAMES and #ChickenBitch of VRUnicorns (#SelfieTennis, #SkiJump, #SprintRace, #Archery, #Utopia et al) together with a group of European game jammers. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and grew up playing video games with her two older brothers. They called it babysitting. Worked in the video game industry for a decade. Started on the investment side, next as a connector between game developers, publishers and technology developers through her company, Bandello, and is now all about jamming on VR games.



Painting of me by my mom, Ulla Heyde.