I tend to make noize and I’ve collected a bit of it here:

August 4, 2012 Assembly, Helsinki, Finland, – The next step for game jam games + Panel on game jamming

April 26, 2013, Amaze Festival, Berlin, Germany, Power to the Girls + Jury,  A MAZE. Indie Game Award 2013

October 19,  2013, ZTG + Poznan Game Arena, Poznan, Poland, Interview (I speak Polish!)

October 22, 2013, GCOM, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Becoming A Game Developer (audio only)

November 16, 2013  NASSCOM GDC 2013, Pune, India + PR Jam  + Jury, Indie Game of the Year + #IndiaGameDevs interview

November 29, 2013 Exhibit Magazine Interview on me, myself & XTODIE (now RAGNAROKvr)

April 10, 2014, A MAZE. Festival, VR Panel, Berlin, VR: Hype or Future?

July, 2014, Develop talk + interview, Brighton, United Kingdom

August, 2014, Edge Magazine Article on VR DesignXTODIE (now RAGNAROKvr)

September, 2014, A MAZE. Festival, Johannesburg, VR Games vs. Experiences

March, 2015, Ginx Interview, Rezzed, RAGNAROKvr

March, 2015, The Games Diary, Rezzed, RAGNAROKvr

April, 2015, A MAZE. Festival, VR workshop, Berlin

May, 2015, Slush PLAY, VR Panel, Reykjavik

May, 2015, Shayla Games, organizer/host + VR Panel

June, 2015, Unite Europe, VR Panel, Amsterdam

October, 2015, Creative Tools, Stockholm, Sweden (speaker – VR development)

October, 2015, Dutch VR Days, Talk + VR Panel, Amsterdamn, Netherlands

April, 2016, A MAZE Festival, #SkiJump, Berlin, Germany

May, 2016, Nordic Game Conference, Malmø, Sweden (Vive Panel)

June, 2016, Unite Europe, VR Panel, Amsterdamn, Netherlands

August, 2016, Respawn, Cologne, Germany, Panel on VR development

September, 2016, CopenX, Copenhagen, Denmark,  Talk on VR Jamming

September, 2016, Slush PLAY, Reykjavik, Iceland, Panel on VR Jamming

October, 2016, Unite, Los Angeles, United States, VR Technical Solutions and How They Influence Design

October, 2016, VRDC, San Francisco, United States, Panel: Prototypes and Tears: Surviving the Early Days of VR





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