Recent Events:

December, 2013, A Maze. Playcase, Berlin, Germany (exhibitor)

January, 2014,  Steam Dev Days, Seattle, United States (never made it…car accident the afternoon before my flight)

February, 2014, Nordic Game Jam, Copenhagen, Denmark (organizer)

March, 2014, GDC, San Francisco, United States

April, 2014,  Amaze Festival, Berlin, Germany (speaker/exhibitor)

May, 2014, Nordic Game Conference, Malmø, Sweden (speaker)

May, 2014, Shayla Games, Copenhagen, Denmark (organizer)

July, 2014, Develop, Brighton, United Kingdom (speaker)

August, 2014, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany (exhibitor)

August, 2014, Unite, Seattle, United States

August, 2014, PAX Prime, Seattle, United States

September, 2014, A MAZE. Festival, Johannesburg, South Africa (speaker/exhibitor)

October, 2014, ZTGPoznan Game Arena, Poznan, Poland (exhibitor)

March, 2015, GDC, San Francisco, United States

March, 2015, Rezzed, London, United Kingdom (exhibitor)

April, 2015, A MAZE. Festival, Berlin, Germany (speaker)

April, 2015, Slush PLAY, Reykjavik, VR Panel

May, 2015, SpilBar, Copenhagen, Denmark (speaker)

May, 2015, Shayla Games, Copenhagen, Denmark (organizer/host) + VR Panel

June, 2015, E3, Los Angeles, United States

June, 2015, Unite Europe,  Amsterdam, Netherlands (speaker)

September, 2015, Unite, Boston, United States

September, 2015, Oculus Connect, Los Angeles, United States

October, 2015, Creative Tools, Stockholm, Sweden (speaker)

October, 2015, Dutch VR Days,  Amsterdam, Netherlands (speaker)

November, 2015, Vive Jam, Stockholm, Sweden (organiser)

November, 2015, Slush, Helsinki, Finland (exhibitor – VRLympix – now VRUnicorns)

January, 2016, Vive Jam Copenhagen, Denmark

February, 2016, Vision Summit, Los Angeles, United States (VRUnicorns#SelfieTennis)

March, 2016, GDC, San Francisco, United States (VRUnicorns#SelfieTennis)

April, 2016, Copenhagen Games Week, Copenhagen, Denmark (VRUnicorns – #SelfieTennis)

April, 2016, A MAZE Festival, Berlin, Germany (VRUnicorns#SelfieTennis + #SkiJump)

May, 2016, Nordic Game Conference, Malmø, Sweden (Vive Panel)

June, 2016, Unite Europe, Amsterdanm, Netherlands (Vive Panel)

August, 2016, Respawn, Cologne, Germany, Panel on VR development

August, 2016, Gamescom, Cologne, Germany, Exhibiting VRUnicorns games

September, 2016, CopenX, Copenhagen, Denmark,  Talk on VR Jamming

September, 2016, Slush PLAY, Reykjavik, Iceland, Panel on VR Jamming

October, 2016, Unite, Los Angeles, United States, VR Technical Solutions and How They Influence Design

October, 2016, VRDC, San Francisco, United States, Panel: Prototypes and Tears: Surviving the Early Days of VR

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